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Monday, February 09, 2004


Its cold and wet out as I ride into work, my head down and my thoughts numb, my intent forward and my path clear. Rolling onto the Walnut St. ped bridge I glance up and the way ahead is untraveled. One walker only, and on the cement paved sidewalk at that. My knobbies make a low rumbling vibration as I travel over the open metal grating that makes the travelling base of the bridge. Dark metal openings letting the view of the blue ice through and I meditate on the frozen river momentarily. Suddenly one of the stone column piers that support the bridge begins to enter my view. First the base as it meets the icy river, then as I move forward the stone pier looms more into my full field of vision. Head still down, soon the column takes up my field of vision absent of the river anymore. Soon the top of the column will meet the bridge itself and I will pass over the column and begin moving towards the next. I know that my way ahead is free, that the rise of the column stops underneath the bridge travelling surface, but my mind suddenly tells me different. An image takes the place of the reality, and I glimpse the column continuing upwards into my path, and myself slamming into it, and I snap out of the thought, look up and clear my line ahead. For a moment, the illusion lingers, then I smile and enjoy the sensation that my mind can be so much stronger than my actual senses. I truly thought for a split second that the column extended fully upward and thus into my path. Quite an interesting experience in the least, but I sigh as I realize what happened. And as the next column approaches I nod my head back down.....

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