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Wednesday, August 17, 2005


In case you haven't had the chance to peruse a copy of bcn two: the zine, and was wondering what was up with it, The Cycling Dude has just posted a review that will fill you in a little more on the contents with a few snatches of quotes to whet your appetite. Kiril also includes some of his own commentary and observations. See the Review Here.

I still have a few copies left if anyone is interested. Free as always, but trades for your zines more than welcome. Contact through franklen(nospam)blog (at@) fastmail (dot.) com.

Just wanted to mention a cycling event I recently witnessed here in Tioga County New York where I am temporarily bivvied. Calling itself Bike Tioga, the local Rotary club sponsored a county wide riding event to showcase the numerous biking routes in Tioga sponsored by the state. I found out about it though only after I saw some riders along the side of the road with numbers on thier backs, and a few bright yellow signs along the routes, so either the marketing was lacking or I just was looking in the wrong places.

What I read later indicated that it was not a race, just an event, so the numbers were more or less just for identification, and registration purposes of the ride, and not to see who came in first! As I drove through Owego a little later I saw the Bike Tioga registration tent set up in the small park adjacent to the Susquehanna River, and the bridge downtown that crosses it, and a few smiling faces were defenitely showing how valuable biking can be to a community.

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