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Saturday, July 26, 2003


Not so much an update I realize as I havent posted about this yet, but an introduction for this blog. 1 and 1/2 weeks ago on my ride home I was buzzed by a CAT (Capitol Area Transit) bus on the Market St Bridge. This is one spot where there is no room for sharing lanes, but there are two lanes in each direction, so anyone can safely pass me. This bus however, chose to squeeze me by riding down the center of the two lanes, and fast too, and it whipped by me I could feel the pull from the bus's wind. So I wrote an email complaint the next day, and asked to be contacted by a representative. I guess the update is NO update yet, cause I haven't heard back from them. Not even to acknowledge that they received my message. Aint it a ***** when you have to work just to get appropriate customer service, let alone a safe space on the roadway? More later.

Played flippy floppy frisbee at the BBQ last night with Bow, Head and Soi. Remind me to fill you in on the rules sometime. Three of us made this game up so that we could play frisbee in the forest among the trees, when we were backpacking in Finger Lakes National Forest a few weeks ago.

Garden update: Soybeans are podding up, yeah. Edamame soon! Newly seeded cilantro though isn't coming up, I really want another batch before fall, so maybe I need fresh seed.

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