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Wednesday, July 30, 2003


Have you ever followed someone home that caused a scene to you on the road? I almost did today. Only about 3 blocks from home, I cruised over into the full lane cause there was a parked car on the right of the lane that I had to get around. Up comes a woman in a red car beeping her horn at me. As she goes by I crane around and since her window is down, yell "there's a parked car in the lane"!! Then I see she gets off at the next street. Since I know the roads there and I am so close to home I figure I'll just follow her and politely discuss the issue. She has to be going to a destination on a nearby street right? I'm a neighbor, I have every right to be there. Its not like I am stalking her for miles.

Anyway, she powers up the road to the next turn and makes a right. Where could she be going? I push hard to get there and make the turn but she is nowhere in sight. Ughh!! I even had thought out what I would say.

"Excuse me, I want to clear up any confusion we had back on Bridge St. There was a car parked along the right curb, so I took the full lane as the law allows me. I hope in the future that we don't have any more confusion about this" Then if she was amenable I could go into more details about biking, commuting, etc. But I never got the chance!

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