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Tuesday, July 22, 2003


So my biggest pet peeve (from a bicycle commuters point of view anyway), hit me with a double shot today. On my way home, I was cruising along at a good pace, since I had a nice rest half of the way through due to a traffic backup on the bridge, when what forces me to come to an almost complete stop? Two, yes TWO, he and she, bicycling on the road right at me in the wrong lane.

Just in case anyone reading is unsure of the laws. Bicycles are treated the same as vehicles on the road and are supposed to ride with traffic, not against it. So when I see these two coming at me, a big oh **** escapes my lips, and I wait to see what they will do. Well the gentleman who is first in line, checks his rearview, like someone would actually be coming up behind him in a car in the wrong lane !?! Then swerves out into the lane against oncoming traffic (don't recall if anything was coming or not as I was concentrating on the bikers). What a gentleman to put his neck on the line so I can continue on my way.

Then the little lady is next, but she aint budging. I aint slowing down, cause right past them is a freeway overpass and I need to keep my momentum, until of course I get 10 feet in front of her, head on, and have to slam on my brakes. At this point she gingerly moves to the side (once again into oncoming traffic, but I dont remember anything coming by at that point thankfully).

No offense folks if you ever read this, but learn the laws, and the ettiquette of the road. Thanks. And dont be afraid to say hello next time, my bite aint bad, its just my bark here online cause its free to flow.

Well enjoyed dinner tonight with a $1.99 frozen pizza from the discount grocery with homemade pesto featuring basil from our plot. Yeah. Garden salad mesclun mix on top of the slices as well. Yeah.

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