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Sunday, August 17, 2003


So this weekend Sue and I celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary. And in preparation for our anniversary brunch this morning I went shopping last night on my bike, up to the shopping center at the end of town. It only takes 4 min. on bike, no excuse not to go when only shopping for a few things. I picked up mozzarella for tomatoe/mozz salad (sorry not our own tomato yet, got one almost red right now, but used two from the West Shore Farmers Market), one mango (mango and cucumber salad, still looking for ways to use fresh cukes), apple strudle bits, a potted Vriesea Christiane (I dont know either other than its got a funky flower I knew Sue would like), a pack of clearance frozen waffles (only 85 cents), some Tofutti to go with our last round of wedding cake frozen since last year (just a little freezer burned). It all fit easily in my backpack, and I was only worried about damaging the flower stalk on the way home.

Then also picked edamame this morning and fresh boiled them, and made a few potato/zuke pancakes with sour cream. I think thats it, but what a great brunch. Cant wait to do it all again next year, when Sue plans the menu!

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