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Wednesday, August 27, 2003


I won't back down unless I perceive a distinct danger. A couple times now I have had someone come up on my left to try and pass where they shouldn't have, and I just held my speed and my ground and THEY had to back off.

One time I was approaching an intersection with a straight lane that I was in, and a left turning lane. A car came flying up on my left to try and pass me but I was holding my place. First of all they aren't even allowed to pass in such a situation (i.e. from the turning lane across a solid lane line into the straight lane of traffic). Second of all they suck!.

Then just today, I was crossing the Market St. Bridge and a similar situation when everyone turning right at the end, or continuing straight, get in the right lane; and everyone continuing straight in the leftlane in prep for a future left, stay in the left lane. Well, I was moving fast keeping up with traffic on the bridge with maybe 1 or 2 at the most car lengths between me and the car in front of me, when up comes a red car along my side, then it slows down quickly, when it sees that I aint going anywhere cept where I am. They were just trying to get one space ahead by passing me, when nobody passes on the left there with intentions of getting back in the right lane, cause the lanes are usually backed up anyway, and usually require waiting out at least 1 maybe 2 light changes. Huh!

Lots of red tomatoes these days. Wish I had the initiative to can this year, but never got around to getting the necessary gear, and it is way to hot to deal with that aftergetting home from work right now. A couple honeydew are on the vine now whoopee! What else, oh yeah my late planting of cilantro and lettuce are doing well, as are the beets. Lots of tiny hot peppers too, some turning red. Yeah. Still waiting on the heirloom Big Rainbow tomatoes.

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