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Wednesday, August 20, 2003


It seems obvious to me that if someone is dense enough to think that by heckling "Sidewalk!" when they are flying by in their car in the opposite direction is going to get me to ride on the sidewalk, then they certainly are dense enough not to know the law regarding bicycle travel on the roadways. I don't forgive them, I know the rules, but hey I am the one riding the bike, but they have a license to drive a 2 ton hunk of metal down the road next to me, and they should **** well know the rules for that, which includes sharing the road with bicycles.

I don't deserve the pit in my stomach from the negative flight of words, and the hostile actions from other vehicles, when I get home after work. I can deal with it, I know many more in this world are worse off than me, and this certainly helps me empathise with many groups.

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