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Thursday, August 28, 2003


So Front St. is closed down starting today at noon till Monday night as it parallels Riverfront Park for the big Kipona Labor Day Festival. So once again I get to blow by cars in que that are being detoured up to third st. Long lines of cars, and then the fun part is that I get to ride right down the middle of Front St too, and dodge all the festival roadies. The sad thing is that when there are events like this in Riverfront Park, they put up these big signs on the trees that say NO BIKES, NO SKATEBOARDS, NO PETS, AND NO to many other things.

Whatever, I just go along my merry way, and watch all the little Gator motor vehicle wannabes zip on down the paths that I normally ride on. Its one thing to kick me out, but then to let these things zip around? I suppose they are for safety and relations, and helping schlep things around. But do they have to kick all that other stuff out? It is a city park afterall, and its not like there is ever an onslaught on a regular basis of bikes, pets, etc that we would be causing a ruckus! They could only wish for an onslaught of bikes to solve so many parking and traffic issues. They should be inviting bicyclists to showcase this wonderful form of transport that would solve all these drivers issues with waiting in long lines of traffic due to the festival, huh, guess that might make some of them feel a little jealous or angry, huh?

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