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Thursday, August 14, 2003


Yesterday was a great day to be riding a bike in Harrisburg on the West Shore. Coming off City Island on to the Market St Bridge, traffic was backed up as far as I could see. So what does a normally road riding biker do, well take advantage of the situation and jump up on the sidewalk. Hey in these situations I have no regret, if all those folks weren't in their cars, we could all be riding on one big sidewalk, and I am not letting their car problems slow me down.

So at the West Shore end of the bridge, traffic is also backed up way upriver of the folks trying to merge, so I cross at the crosswalk and fiddle up the sidewalk (though this is the only spot where I normally hit the sidewalk, you'll know what I mean if you read "Another Man's Commute" down below here). When I get halfway up the hill I see a stalled motorist with an ambulance behind. I dont think anyones hurt, the ambulance just flashing its lights to alert drivers. So I think the backup is over, not!

I make the left to go through Lemoyne and traffic is still backed up, when I get to the next light I see a flatbed hauling a car through and I figure wow, two stalls in one day, but that has to be it. Well no relief for the motorists in sight. Over the next crest, the right hand turning lane is totally closed for repair, a whole section of road concrete gone, and the middle and left turn lanes are closed due to a 2-car rear ender accident. Cops are routing traffic one at a time in two directions through one lane, and I swear those cars way at the back will probably still be there waiting to get through this morning. I just kept smiling and pedaling on down.

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