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Friday, August 29, 2003


Just a boring housekeeping update. I added a comments function, and a counter that tracks visitor stats. The counter is all the way way way down at the bottom of the page. Just ignore the numbers on there. they mean nothing because they also track my visits, and I am the only one who I know of who is visiting yet, and will probably continue to be the biggest visitor for awhile even if some friends and interested visitors hit on the site every once in a while. I got it though cause I can check into when and from where folks hit my site, and unique visitors, and all kinds of other stuff I don't know about yet. My point is simply, after all this boring vebage, that the number in the counter may reflect my visits more than anything else. The comments feature should rock though. I can't wait for the first bit of reader interaction.

My other point is that I will no longer be typing in "Comments to: franklenblog(at)fastmail(dot)fm" at the end of each post, cause now you can use the comments function. But you will still be able to contact me privately at that fastmail.fm address. I guess I have to add an email link to the side. Yeah thats it. Peace.

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