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Tuesday, August 05, 2003


So this morning as I am peacefully crossing an intersection after a stop light, this punk***-kid Fred Durst look-a-like wanna-be yells out at me to "get off the road", as he sits in his sporty car with his chick on hip, who he undoubtedly is mouthing off for the benefit of!

I wish I could have done more, but I couldnt stop at that spot, so I just yelled back "I'm allowed to, read the laws!" He didn't volley anything back, as most drivers don't after they have been tutured one way or another.

I hope this posts, I tried to post something last night, and maybe I'll try to redo it tonight, but it didnt make it to the site, and I lost it after I tried to reload the page. Sucks. I gotta pick some zucchini tonight before they get to the monstrous size that the previous one I picked got to. I wanna make little stuffed zucchini boats, baked with tofu, bread crumbs, cheese and spices! By the way, Sue, my significant other, I haven't mentioned her before have I, took the second loaf of chocolate zucchini cake that I had frozen with her when she visited her family this weekend, and without telling me. Man was I disppointed when I tried to have dessert last night!

By the way, I got that freewhel off after taking it into a shop with a vice. It took em 2 seconds, gotta get me a vice. I replaced the spokes, no easy task to weave em between the other spokes without bending them too much. Now to tighten em up right and reattach everything so the blue baby is in riding gear again.

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