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Friday, August 15, 2003


So as I work at the little enviro non-profit I do, I have picked up the responsibility of planning the bike/canoe trip (one-day) for the PA statewide Watershed Conference. This can be fun, as long as too many people aren't involved (I'm not a big fan of too many cooks in the kitchen), though I appreciate all the help I can get, especially since I am new in this area.

Which brings me to finding bikes for the trip. Nu-uh, can't do it. No one, I repeat, rents bicycles in the Harrisburg area, not even with the Riverfront Park and City Island routes available, not even with the city encompassing Greenway moving along, not even with all the bike routes through the countryside thanks to the flat land around here. What does that tell you about a place, when you can't find a bicycle to rent. Besides some negatie connotations I won't share here, I think it says we need a bike co-op around here!!

Anyway, I even called up to the Lehigh Gorge area, and the big outfitters there aren't really willing to come all the way down to Swatara State Park with thier fleets. We have some other options in the works right now to see how things go. It may turn into a HIKE/canoe trip instead.

Cool garden news of the day is that we discovered a big ol' (mini-basketball size) Ambrosia melon on the vine, and a couple smaller ones starting. How neat is that. Also uncovered a number of gourds that are growing up big and strong for Sue's craft project. Picking Edamame tonight and steaming to eat along with a homemade potpie I'll make, since I've been craving it, with veggies and tofu!

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