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Tuesday, August 12, 2003


So I haven't biked to work for two days now for a number of reasons. Yesterday, I had a dentist appointment right after work across town. So I chose for convenience to take the car, now I could have biked but.......

Today, Sue had a doctor's appointment and so I went along with her, and then she dropped me off at the office afterwords on her way to work. Once again I could have biked, but I chose to accompany Sue and......

......the biggest factor has been the humidity and heat. I get so drained from riding in this weather that it's ok to take a day or two off from pedalling. The humidity is supposed to drop off tomorrow after about a 2 week stagnation, even though the temp is supposed to rise to near 90. But I think the heat without the humidity will be bearable.

And gosh how the garden needs the heat and sun and dryer conditions. I've lost so many squash and gourd leaves to mildew, and plants are falling over in the heavy rains and wind, and soggy ground. Lost a pepper plant the other day, from an overladen tomato branch. I salvaged the one green pepper from it though, and made a pasta salad with it, one of our garden cucumbers, an onion I had on hand, and some tomatoes I got at the West Shore Farmers Market Saturday. I also made up three batches of Pesto this weekend, froze two for the winter. Gots lots more basil, so will be doing more pesto at some time.

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