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Tuesday, August 19, 2003


So if I haven't mentioned it before, I am now wearing a whistle on a rope round me neck as I ride. I started it, got the idea, when I saw, or thought I saw, someone else riding with one in their mouths. I can't be sure but it looked like it, and I thought it would be a good idea, so I now do it. But, I have refrained from giving any big blows, cause I was figuring out the ettiquette of it, and the law of it, which by the way does not prevent the use of whistles on bikes (only sirens).

Well today I stepped forth with the blow. I was riding over a low hill towards the down slope where an intersection occurs. The lane was wide, but only one car wide. There was not two lanes there (there ARE not two lanes there). But there is room for a bike, especially when traffic is backed up at rush hour. So here I go minding my business cruising by this jam of cars, what else are bikes for? When this new model subaru station wagon with some middle age oblivious couple who probably never thought of anyone riding a bike on the roads completely turns into my lane at a 45 degree angle like they are going to squeeze past the line of cars to make a right at the intersection.

I always pay attention and this moment was no exception, I saw it happening the whole way, enough to slow down enough not to ram into the side of their car, but man did I let fly with a screeching whistle blow. They hit the brakes and their whole car jerked to a stop, and past I went! Sweet! Can't wait to let the next ones have it!

Good news is that tomorrow I pick my first red tomato, bad news is that my melon bit it. Flat as a pancake when I looked today, something violated it and it succumbed hard. Picked a green italian pepper today and cut up with an onion on a frozen pizza, dashes of italian seasoning and nutritional yeast, and some red pepper flakes. Then the last of our year-old wedding cake for dessert with a glass of chocolate silk soymilk.

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