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Thursday, August 21, 2003


Whenever I have a trip away from the office for work, I usually try to use the one organizational vehicle we own, instead of using my personal car (I always try actually). And since it is located across town at the Wildwood Nature Reserve (parking space courtesy of Audubon PA) I head over their at the end of the day in prep for using the car tomorrow. It is a 30 min ride half on Riverfront Park's trail, the other half divided between roads and through Harrisburg Community College campus. A nice ride overall.

The only bad part is then I am stuck in traffic usually during rush hour on my way back through home. It wasn't too bad today until I got to Chaos Intersection (the I-83 access to Lemoyne). It seems to me that at least once a week, their is an accident here, and this week I had to catch it when I was in a car. Fortunately only one lane was closed, and it was easy to reroute through some side roads, but you would think someone (in planning, other drivers, ???) would learn something by now?

Zucchini Quiche tonight from the garden, got another red tomato, used the first one yesterday in a yummy pasta salad. Wondering about planting garlic this fall. Will we be here to harvest next year?

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