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Tuesday, September 23, 2003


A great biking community on the web can be found at Cycling Forums. The folks here have lots of experience biking on and off road, racing, touring, and commuting, so check it out. If I need to voice an opinion, or hear one from peers in the bicycle commuting community I can be sure of such by posting here.

I am after all fairly new to the daily bicycle commuting grind, and as any newcomer in any activity, I experience a little trepidation every once in awhile. And it helps to talk about and to share experiences. And if there is no one around to do so with, the Cycling Forums site is right at your fingertips. I have a few posts up right now about sidewalk biking in certain situations. I also found out there just today that Ken Kifer died recently from being hit by a car while cycling home. Ken's site is one of the first I came across when I was learning about commuting. It also has some great writings on new and sustainable community ideas. A definite check out if you haven't yet. Peace.

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