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Sunday, September 21, 2003


I rode home through the approaching edge of Hurricane Isabel Friday. Quite a rush, though it wasn't really a big deal. The eye was well south and west, and the main thrust to hit this area wouldn't come for another 6-8 hours.

The sensations were full. Water flying into my nose from the lateral rains, splashes of water in my face from my fenderless front wheel, water drops hanging from my helmet mounted rear-view mirror in the corner of my vision, the need to pedal while going downhill while pushing through the powerful winds. These rains weren't nearly as heavy as the heaviest I have encountered, heck even after the ride home with just a windbreaker, my shirt was still mostly dry except for a few spots underneath.

Anyway I switched my rear fender from my previous bike which is now my backup to my daily commuter. I can't switch the front because I cant use that full fender on this bike with the front suspension. So I need to get one of those little clip-on fenders for the front. I'll put it on the list.

Fried green tomatoes again today, on homemade buttered bread with some hot sauce and parmesan, how can you beat that. Sue picked our ornamental gourds to take and use at her mom's dinner this weekend for decorations. They never got big enough to use for making craft items like bowls or birdhouses, though they were supposed to. And look out, my big rainbow yellow heirloom tomatoes are starting to turn. I'll be picking and slicing one this week to try, let ya know.

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