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Monday, September 15, 2003


As I sat at my desk today, the grey clouds piled up, and the church bell ominously tolled 9 am, I wondered what to look forward to when and if Isabel makes her presence known here on Thursday or Friday. Today had a hint of rain in the air, and I was misted most of the way to work, but no big shower breakout. I was thinking how lucky I have been all summer, with it being the 3rd wettest on record, that I only ever got downpoured on once while biking to and from work. But what does Isabel hold for the end of the week?

Otherwise, just a normal Monday. One car deciding to pull out of the gas station lot while I was coming by, thinking that I was going to stop or something. Then whipping fast around me to pass while we are going through the next intersection. Isn't it a law that you can't pass, or change lanes or something, while going through an intersection? Maybe I am just making this up, but I seem to have it tucked away in my brain.

Father, mother, and Noni visited for the day on Saturday, out from Western PA, and I took the opportunity to drive them along my commute route. It was fun to share that little bit of life. And they brought me a nice little Craftsman toolbox that my brother had extra lying around, so now I have a dedicated place to keep all my bike tools and supplies together. Which will make it so much easier to bust them out when something needs done, even weekly or daily tune-ups.

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