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Monday, September 29, 2003


Have been away for a work event at Ohiopyle State Park since last Friday, so no commutes for a few days to report on. There is a great rail/trail bridge at Ohiopyle that is made of steel arching sides with a wooden plank surface, and the coolest part is that it crosses the Youghiogheny River upstream of the 18 foot falls. You can see the mist rising and hear the roar of the water, especially when the level is way up like it was this weekend. Lots of bikers out, lots with rentals from the town outfitters.

I was in town for the Falls Race event, when boaters get to run the falls, but the race was cancelled due to the water level. The meeting I was hosting for river sojourn organizers across the state still took place and was a success. When I saw all the bike rentals in town and glimpsed the young folk hangin around, I could imagine myself running a bike rental spot in Harrisburg, and spending my time working on old bikes, and advocating for bicycle rights and commuting. Don't think that is quite where my future lies, but it may be a part.

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