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Tuesday, September 09, 2003


Yeah baby! Check this out. Bicycle Commuting Now has been chosen for About Pennsylvania's Site Of The Day for September 4, 2003 as a part of their weeklong focus on blogs (check out the recognition heading of the Links column to the right). My first bit of recognition that my blog is getting read by, and maybe across, to people with my bicycle commuting messages.

Here's a fun fact since you are reading today. I finally got the bicycle computer working on the hand-me-down bike from my brother that I currently use to commute. First I replaced the battery, then reprogrammed it with the manual I found online, then I adjusted the magnet and it finally worked. And now I know that I can max out just below 25 mph when I am cruising down the roads. This means that I no longer have to feel bad if I think I am holding traffic up on a 25 or 30 mph posted road, cause they shouldn't be going faster anyways!

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