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Tuesday, September 02, 2003


Today's weather is the most memorable to me, besides bright sunny summer days, from my childhood. I remember so many cloudy cool and often drizzly moments from the fall and early winter that captivate my mind. Playing football in the wet fields, biking across the patch to play basketball after school, smelling the freshness of the country air, feeling the clouds roll over top of you and holding you in place. Today I revel in the weather of solitude, when you find noone else along side of you, the weather of clarity because you have few distractions outside of you. I rode carefully, because it is also attention necessary weather to be on the road, and after I returned from the Bushey's bike shop in Camp Hill I was soaked through, but feeling fresh. My new Planetbike 7-LED tailliight holding my rear, and looking forward to using the bike fitted rearview mirror I just picked up. Did feel like a rip though to pay $7.99 for the bolt set-up to replace the quick release of my seat post. Sure I could have picked one up cheaper at a normal hardware eh? But I was learning and supporting the store for its helpfulness.

I look over my garden from the rear porch balcony and feel a sense of dread, as if I were looking over a marshy battlefield from history, the ground is wet, and so many leaves are dying, but I am still getting bounty. I made more pesto this weekend. And I put together some homemade tomatoe soup this saturday that I had with a grilled cheese sandwich. MM MM Good! Cucumbers are still producing but we are so tired of them.

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