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Thursday, September 11, 2003


What can you say to people who are riding the way they shouldn't. I mean I ain't here to tell people how to ride, just how I think they should. Seriously though, a guy passed me today, and he was riding on the road, and this was the one portion of the day where I ride the sidewalk because of the jammed traffic and the narrow lanes. A dangerous spot in my mind. So then what does he do? He jumps up on the sidewalk just past the next intersection where the business district in Lemoyne starts, the one place you are not supposed to ride your bike on the sidewalk! Sigh.

On a positive tip I ran into a few folks I know while biking home across the Walnut St. Pedestrian bridge and was able to stop and talk a bit and say hello, something I couldn't have done were I riding by on the roadways. Its nice when this happens, it reminds me of college or of other communities I have lived in where I knew people regularly and ran into them regularly, as opposed to just being a working bee member of the city. Ironically though, they were from State College and only in town a few days for a Healthy Communities conference !!

Dinner tonight was fried green tomatoes from the garden. I egg dipped them then coated in flour and fried in a little oil. Then put a dollop of fat-free sour cream on top, and had a baked potato on the side. Last night Sue rough cut and froze a few pounds of ripe tomatoes. We'll use them later in the year for sauce or chili perhaps. I am still waiting for my Big Rainbow heirlooms to ripen. Will they beat the frost?

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