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Thursday, October 09, 2003


No work commute today, but did get in 6 miles or so out at Swatara State Park. I went out to take down the remaining signs from the past weekends Watershed Conference (maybe I'll fill you in on the rest of the story this weekend, since it is a reason I ducked out on this blog for over a week).

These signs were mile markers along the bike path and ID signs for speaker locations. I think 14 in all. The awesome part is that Sue came along and we knocked it out in half the time it would have taken me alone (I would have had to do 12 miles, stopping to pick up every sign, and lost all the time gained from driving to the pickup point while Sue was out on her bike portions). The best part of it though is sharing the experience with her. When she comes into my work world (or vice versa) it feels so much more homier and alive and special, I feel fortunate today.

I have wanted to take her to this park anyway because the mountains (or hills in these parts) are nicely pronounced there compared to being in the river vallery here, and now for sure with the leaves changing it was cool. The other neat part is that the park is still undeveloped, so you get to ride all out on old highway roads that were blocked off and have been unused for what, 20 or 30 years ever since the state bought the land for a park.

I love the fact that my garden is still growing! Here I am wanting to plant garlic this weekend, like I would have done in the west/northwest of the state and it is still warm and I barely have room in the garden to do so since everything is still alive. If not for the cucumbers finally petering out this week, I would have had to wait for garlic space. Maybe I should wait anyway since its still so warm?

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