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Friday, October 10, 2003


I made my commute from Wildwood today as I do when I return our organizational car to the parking lot there when it is not in use. You think it would be a nice experience, visiting a nature area on the edge of the city, but the only way to get there, is to travel down Industrial Rd. Yeah, it sounds like it looks, lined on one side by lot after lot of industrial sites visited constantly by semitrucks that rumble down the road.

Fortunately, down part of the other side is the Community College, and I usually duck into the parking lots there, then travel down a gravel service road on the back edge of campus. Though I have to re-emerge onto INDUSTRIAL RD to actually get to Wildwood. Someday this is supposed to be a part of a nice greenway around town, if I'll be here to see it! I have been lucky enough to catch sight of a red fox twice on that campus service road though, its a beauty, tall and sleek and fast.

Anyway, I would have normally biked home from the office as a typical commute at the end of the day, but it seems the parking lot is up for some maintenance at Wildwood this weekend, and all vehicles have to be removed. So I'm the one to head back over at the end of the workday and take the car home to park with me for a spell. Not that I mind the trip to Wildwood one way or the other really, it is a quite varied route for me actually. The natural area, Industrial Rd, College campus, Railway service gravel road, cut through town on the roads, to Riverfront Park, then back onto the streets again.

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