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Thursday, October 23, 2003


Today was cold, really. It can only get colder too. This morning was in the 40's when I left for work. I wore my leggings, windbreaker and gloves. And of course my backpack. I'm happy now that I didn't get a rack yet for my bike, cause I get to keep wearing my pack and it helps to keep me warm, nice. And wearing the pack in the summer wasn't even that bad. People complain about it being hot, but when the temps are in the 90's and humidity so high that everything is already wet, then the backpack doesn't really add to the already situated misery with the weather. I will get a rack someday though and some panniers so I can haul bigger loads, like for groceries, or special loads, like the mini canoe paddles I needed to schlep around today.

So the frost is probably a reality tonight, which sucks because the warmup follows immediately tomorrow again. But I had to harvest some green tomatoes, and some cilantro, and covered what I could with some cover cloth to try to hold out the cold a little, but I didn't give it my best, I'm tired, its late and cold, and I'm happy with the results of the garden for the season. I dont have good season extension planned and I dont have the time to do so now. Maybe it is time to let the warm weather residents go. I'll bne jumping up in the morning to see what took place overnight.

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