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Wednesday, October 15, 2003


I am setting a goal for myself that I will keep this blog up and running for 1 year. Thats 1 year of my commuting experiences, 1 year of a fairly regular journal about my life, about a little bit of my gardening, and about a thing or 2 other thrown in. I guess I have 2 reasons for this.

1 is that I need the timeline and the goal to give me strength and courage to bike through the winter. And any of you that read this can help by keeping in touch, reading regularly, and dropping a line now and then.

2 is that I wont be keeping this up forever. It does take time that I could be putting towards other projects, although for the time being I am still content contributing here. Hey, I am not even close to running out of things to post about. But really, I have lots of other things in addition to bike commuting and a touch of gardening to write about too. And I can feel those things intruding into my thoughts more regularly when I am posting here.

So in the future I see this site as being an archived section (backpage) of a larger website that covers a wider range of topics that I wish to publish about. And who knows, I may continue to post here as well. This blog is serving its purpose for now though, so lets keep at it shall we?

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