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Tuesday, October 28, 2003


Today was the first I made the commute home after the daylight savings time switch this past weekend. It was definitely a setting sun in the sky, but it was not 'dark' yet, though it soon will be, so I really gotta think about a light. I have my solo headlamp from backpacking, and am carrying it along for now. Though I am not using it yet. It would only make a small difference right now in others being able to see me head-on, but it is not dark enough yet to make a difference in what I need for sighting ahead.

The problem is it would run through batteries quick. It takes 2 AA, and I think that provides 6, 7, 8? hours of good light, so not practical for everyday use. I found a new Cateye model that weighs practically nothing, has 3 LED (no bulb replacement) and runs on 2 AAA, providing about 15 hours for set. I figure then I would only need 2 sets over the dark months if I only use it for my 20 min ride home in the evenings. I also think I might get a bright white strobe, if I can find one with 360 degree coverage that I could mount on my helmet top, or mid-frame on the bike, somewhere all around visible for that extra protection. Am also adding some reflective tape, and a few new reflectors for now.

So great to have light to wake up to in the morning, I like that rather than having light at night for sure.

Red tomatoe from the garden today can you believe it? Well, not fully ripened, but it had fallen from the vine, so I carried inside to finish the ripening.

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