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Saturday, October 25, 2003


These fall days are quicky becoming my favorite for bicycle commuting home. Ah, the crisp fall air, the dramatic sun and shadows, the sense of pride of being out riding my bike. All the good associations I have with this time of year easily pop into my head, especially when the sense of smell is invoked by the fallen leaves and the snowy air ("Frank, it smells like snow" Sue pronounced the other night as the temps dipped to the low 30's). The fall college days, football games, holidays with friends and family, the comfort of retreating into our inner selves, and our inner comforters on the perfect sleeping nights.

What makes it doubly swell is that it was a Friday, and I left the office a little early, and both contributed to less traffic, and less congestion, and less folks in general out braving the cold. Of course I wish there were more folks outside, but the going is easier when there are less to dodge, and of course that feeling of being out in somewhere that there are usually lots of people when they are gone and sensing them and the energy they left behind (that feeling always hits me hard).

Triply wonderful is that the frost passed by my little microclime of a garden once again. With temps all around getting down to 30 or so, my little patch of plantdom is still producing and staying on board for awhile. Tomatoes plumping up a little more, italian peppers elongating, cilantro staying fresh in the earth, lovin' it!

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