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Saturday, October 11, 2003


I changed my mind. I'm not going over the last weekend, its under the bridge. I don't have much to blog about but I am wasting time when I should be getting to some research on the web, oh about a million different things. Most relative, is figuring out which new bike locks to get, and probably placing an order. I have been using a cheap, thin cord lock, but I can't keep using it without chancing it. I will still use the old lock for on the trail, maybe locking up to a tree when I head off-trail to explore? Or give it to Sue to use for her new old bike that we got for 10 dollars at a yard sale earlier this summer. I am going to go with the best combination of price, weight and protection between both a cord lock and a U lock to provide the best protection.

I also want to find a good (cheap but effective) pair of waterproof booties for riding this winter. If anyone knows of such, send the clicks my way.

A little garden clean-up earlier today involved: pulling old cuke and gourd plants, pulling lettuce plants that have gone to seed and dried so I can salvage the seed, hunted slugs, and thinned some mustard and turnips.

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