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Friday, October 17, 2003


Far be it of me to delve into any sensationalism, but I did just here the news that there was a drive-by (I believe) or some other type of shooting on Maclay Street yesterday. This grabs my attention cause it is the street I take to and from Wildwood. This is for sure not the upscale part of town, but I wouldn't assume anything about the neighborhood, but I will now sure keep some extra eyes all around when passing through here in the future.

This is also an area were there are usually lots of young adults pedaling around (teens, twenties, and so on), albeit in all the wrong ways. On the sidewalks, in the wrong direction, no turning signals, etc. So I have a lot of misconceptions too from the drivers around there, and I have experienced some negative words when cycling through.

Lets hope and pray for peace for all involved.

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