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Monday, October 27, 2003


Today I picked up some new gear from Holmes Cycling in Camp Hill. I stopped in there after I dropped Sue off at her new place of employment, she is starting some part-time hours with the Lightning Bug boutique in Camp Hill and New Cumberland, which is cool cause she can walk commute to that site 2 days a week.

Well, I grabbed a pair of clip-on freddy fenders from PlanetBike for my commuter. I had replaced the rear fender from my old bike to my current one, but couldn't do that with the front, since I have suspension on that one. So I think the clip-on should work for that. I also picked up a set of reflectors to uphaul my visibility now that darmness is falling earlier, though I still need to get a front white light. And I grabbed a few gaskets for fitting items (such as computer, lights, etc) onto the handlebars and other frame parts when the attaching hardware is too big. You know what I mean right?

Thanks for everyone who is checking the site out these days. Just today I had 5 folks come over from Path to Freedom and 3 from Google searches, hey, hey, cool.

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