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Monday, October 20, 2003


I still am staying off of Bridge until I get to 16th Street, in order to avoid traffic in that area, and to get warmed up a little before hitting the main road. But, I have moved to the east side of Bridge now. I used to ride a few side roads on the west side, which is the side my apartment is on, it was quiet, and easy. But the benefits to the switch are many.

I do jump onto Bridge for one block, then I hit the side alley that parallels Bridge on the east side. Here the way is always pretty clear, except for a delivery truck or two, and it is constant pedaling cause it is a slow grade up hill all the way, so I get a constant warm-up. In addition, since it is straight, it turns out to be about 1 minute quicker that the west side route, which was a little more back and forth, with more than 1 stop sign along the way. And the final benefit is that when I come out to enter Bridge, I am making a right turn and can do so whenever the way is clear, instead of waiting for the light to turn green. Which on the left side, required me to dismount and push the walk button, or wait (or get lucky) for an auto to come along, since the light trigger didn't respond to my bike at that site.

Got my garlic planted on Sunday. The different varieties I ordered came on friday and are Chesnok Red, Siberian, Spanish Roja, and Georgia Fire. All supposedly good for cold climates in the winter, and ranging in taste from milder to quite pungent. I planted four cloves from each bulb, am going to send two cloves each to my dad to plant, and am going to taste test the remaining 2-3 cloves from each bulb. I also got a bag full of castoff cloves for like $3.95 or so, and planted them to use for spring garlic greens.

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