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Tuesday, October 21, 2003


Nah, it probably won't happen anytime soon. I just don't have the desire to take a long bike trip for the fun of it, it would require an investment in planning and gear I am not ready to make, though I could probably get by with what I have, a rack and other sundries would make it easier. Anyway I was just thinking about it when I talked to my friend Tom (college roommate) lately. It was possible that I was going to New York (near Buffalo) for a wedding (though that fell through, my going, not the wedding), and along with a second person who's vehicle we would have been taking, and who would have been coming directly home. And I thought out loud, why not visit Tom (Elmira) and bike home? The car ride is like 4 hours, so like 240 miles. I guess that is easily doable for people who are used to it, but I am not. So if I pushed myself to do 40 miles a day it would still take 6 days, bah. Well, I'm just thinking out loud like I said, Tom, we'll visit one way or the other sometime soon.

My beet (from my garden as I am trying to come up with ways to eat them besides baked in the oven) and potato cream soup wasn't all I hoped it would turn out to be. Kinda just like beet tasting puree, but so made me want borscht when I smelled the mingling scents during the cooking. Reminded me of the Valentine's Day Vegetarian Dinners at the Macoskey Center when I lived in Slippery Rock, and borscht was on the menu two years running (thanks Galina and Valentine for that). I have to find a recipe.

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