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Tuesday, October 14, 2003


Of course the one place in town on my route where I have decided its not being chicken**** or giving in to the car culture of the roadway (this is the Market St bridge and Market St incline to Lemoyne on the West Shore) to actually ride the sidewalk as opposed to risking the traffic, is of course where they have been working on the sidewalks for the last week plus. Don't know how much longer it will take, but they haven't moved to the north side walk yet, so prob another week or more.

Not only is the sidewalk unpassable during this work, but the right hand lane is also closed most of the way across, so there aint no way for cars to pass me through that stretch. I hope it is worth it and that the sidewalks are smooth as glass (though not as slippery as glass) when they are through. And this makes me wonder. The Harvey Taylor Bridge farther upriver has ben undergoing major, major work for over a year now I think, with total closings at times. Will the bridge have good pedestrian and bicycle access/paths after all this work? If not what a shame.

Today is the first rain in nine days (after such a wet year). It didn't harm anything in the ground though , cause the ground is so wet, and the sun is not hot enough to dry anything out. I caught the potted mint just in time though as it was just drying out yesterday, but it perked right back up when I checked it this morning.

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