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Friday, November 14, 2003


I Swear I must have passed 200 cars today on my commute home. Cars that were at a standstill on Front St and elsewhere. I don't know the cause, usually on Fridays everyone jets from town early and the streets are fairly blessedly free of traffic. Fridays are my favorite day to bike home because of this (and because its Friday Duh).

So today I would guess that maybe only about a quarter of those cars ever passed me again for good. Sure I had more than that pass me, but I would pass them again too, as we played leap frog. So in addition to my normal healthy and fruitful bike investment returns, I can proudly say that I am way ahead of time for enjoying my weekend than all those folks sitting out there in traffic.

These winds have totally denuded the surface of my garden. One tiny broccoli plant that was struggling for survival, some mustard and turnip greens I planted as a cover, and all the leaf mulch that was on top are either withered to nothingness or blown away. The beds look like windswept desert battlefields. Thankfully the other refugees of this season (beets, carrots, and garlic) are all underground and will pass muster fittingly. But what a scene!

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