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Tuesday, November 18, 2003


I like to stop in to see Sue on my commute home if she happens to be working late. It's not a large detour, only a couple of blocks, so it's easy for me to just check in and hang out for awhile. I did so today because I wasn't in any big hurry to get home. No plans other than dinner and chores, so since I hadn't seen her for 4 days as she was visiting family, we hung out for a little at the store. This is cool to do, neat to be somewhere besides home where you can hang.

We often sit out front if there are no customers and I watch the long lines of traffic queing by the store, and picture myself, when ready to leave, simply cutting a few alleys and getting right to the intersection where I can get right in the flow. Today was the first day I can say it was really dark biking home. This was especially so since it was overcast unlike the rear-end days of last week; and because I left a little later from work. No worries though, I felt confident in my visibility and skills. My EL-300 Cateye that I ordered from E-bay hasn't arrived yet, so I am using a headlamp from my backpacking gear, but it works fine to be seen. And I have no problems seeing the road in the lesser light, as it is city and suburbs that are lit up well, and the ambient light from car headlights provides lots of illumination too.

I can't believe that I am still eating green tomatoes from my garden in mid-november, it's great. These are the last though, had a sandwich for lunch today, and will do the same tomorrow. Even though tomatoes produced by far the most bounty from our garden, it definitely wasn't too much. And if I would have had time and space I could have frozen more or canned some. A good investment of garden space for sure.

One determinate variety I planted two of is a little iffy in my book though. These varieties fruit all at one time and then the plant does not produce further. It wasn't worth it for taste, as they seemed relatively the same in that regard as the other varieties. Is there some other advantage to planting determinate vs. indeterminate that I don't know of, other than maybe being able to do two different crops in that space instead of only tomatoes?

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