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Wednesday, November 19, 2003


More than fairly describes today's weather. Wet plastered outer-wear after only walking to my bike and riding one block. Of course that included about 20 seconds of waiting for an opening in traffic, as if 20 seconds would make a difference in today's weather! However, I stayed dry underneath, except for the slight patina of sweat that accompanies my rides in these temps when I wear my rain gear. The good thing is, my top is only a nylon windbreaker that is not treated or pretends to be waterproof in any way. It zips up the top in front and I can really control temps with that zip.

My four clothing issues right now are:
(1) gloves with some water-resistance, tighter fitting around the wrist, and lighter colored or with reflective cloth. My black fleece ones are none of the above (except for slightly water-resistant.
(2) a helmet cover to wear in cold rainy conditions. I have a balaclava that I will wear underneath when the temps warrant, but I'd like something plasticy, nylony to slap over my helmet to stop water from getting in when it is a heavy rain.
(3) Goggles, or some sort of safety glasses would be nice to prevent water from flying into my eyes during heavy windy rains too. I have some of these around I just have to find them. I think my old lab goggles are in my parent's basement; and I have an extra pair of safety glasses in one of my tool boxes.
(4) Waterproof shoe covers. Just because the wet cycles of soaking and drying my shoes are probably not the best for them.

As for all these items, I don't really mind riding in the rain or getting wet, so they are not essentials. It's only 4.5 - 5 miles depending, and only takes 17-20 minutes, so I can handle that. In fact it even reminds me of the great feeling from great trips of backpacking and camping in the rain.

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