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Monday, November 03, 2003


I found out about a relatively cheap dynamo light that mounts externally on the wheel, called the Dymotec, and it seems like something I am interested in. The price is right, compared to hub dynamos, and the installation would be easier instead of rebuilding a wheel for a hud dynamo, and I don't need a hub dynamo because I am not doing that much night riding, and not for extended distances, but I am not quite sure yet because of a few items.

1) since it is external, theft and vandalism may be a problem.
2) drag will be greater since it is a physical contact of the dynamo to the wheel, but the barrell can be moved off the tire when not in use.
3) a few comments about the ineffectiveness of the dymotec in wet and especially snowy conditions have come across my desk. But is this just in extreme snow/wet conditions, or anytime it gets a little wet out?
4) all in all, for the extent I would be using it, I could always walk, slow down, use a back up LED/headlamp, if the light fails in certain conditions.
5) does the light retain a charge for when I come to a stop? (I think this is a given if buying the correct light, but I have to check to make certain)

So, I need to cover these questions before I decide, and of course, any other leads from readers on other lights would be appreciated!

My garlic is putting up shoots already, they are popping up through my straw mulch. Must be because of the mild weather, it is 76 degrees out today, in November! Check out the photo below to see the shoots.

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