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Monday, November 24, 2003


With my new Cateye EL-300 on board, I headed out into the clouded, sprinkling, night sky after work. The first thing I noticed with the lack of my headlamp is my inability to direct light wherever I chose. Like a quick glance at my shifter to see what gear I'm in, or my watch for the time, or the drivers face to get thier attention. The second thing I noticed is that the light did throw a noticable beam onto the ground, even in some lit areas. Though it never advanced to the amount of a beam that it would be able to improve how I could see the road, which is never bad in my urban route. The last thing I though about was how wide of an area the bright beam is able to catch other drivers attention? If I have the beam pointed at the roadway, how much effectiveness am I losing at using the light for noticability by drivers, as opposed to directing it more upward to shine straight at oncoming vehicles?

I guess time will tell, but I think if I ever get another light, it would be small and helmet mounted, maybe I'll just keep using one of my headlamps for this purpose now.

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