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Tuesday, November 04, 2003


Hope you all are having a wonderful Fall Harvest Season!! The neat little graphic on the right greeting you to this page was designed, cut from wood, and painted by moi, as a birthday gift for my wife Sue. Hope you enjoy it too.

I walked down to our front door this morning, ready to head out on my commute, grabbed my helmet and discovered that my Reflex brand helmet mirror had fallen off at some point overnight. The adhesive had loosened somehow, and it was laying on the floor in front of the door. I have been pleased with this product up to now, it is easily adjustable, it is a good size for my needs, and it can be easily removed from the adhasive base if not in use, but I never thought the adhesive would just come unstuck in the night. I hope this doesn't happen when I am riding or sometime when I don't notice, and it ends up lost. I reattached and it was fine for the rest of the day, so maybe I need to store it in a different place or at a different angle so the mirror is not hanging downward?

Found egg roll wrappers after having to go to a second grocery store. Why would a store not have them? The Giant in New Cumberland didn't! Had to get them at Karns in Lemoyne. Anyway, I am jonesing for spring rolls with the cabbage from my garden begging to be eaten. Can't wait to fry them up.

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