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Sunday, November 09, 2003


Of all the tool lists I have perused, for bicycle repair and maintenance, I have yet to see one that lists the need for a Torx hex key set, maybe I just didn't realize it when I was reading it. I have slowly been building up my toolbox with the standard tools and sizes I should need to take care of any issues with my bike. So it was my surprise when I encountered a Torx head bolt on my bike when I attempted to install my front PlanetBike clip-on fender today. Maybe this was just an anomoly, maybe the mechanic who worked on this bike for my brother when he first got it, just had this bolt laying around and used it, don't know. So I made an impromptu trip to Sears (as I had a gift from my mom to exchange there) and picked up a Torx hex key set with the credit. Good thing it isn't supposed to rain until Wednesday right?

So when I remove the bolt, the next thing I realize is that the replacement bolt supplied with the fenders is not the right size in diameter to fit in the hole, and I can't reuse the Torx bolt I took out cause it isn't long enough, so I am stalled again. This time it is too late to run anywhere, so I guess tomorrow or Tuesday will involve another trip to the store. (interrupt for kiss from Sue). The easiest jobs can sometimes run into the most snags don't ya know.

I also picked up some extra stick-on red reflectors, and I stuck one to my rear fender cause don't have a rear reflector besides my red LED blinky, and I thought a back-up and a little extra shine never hurts. I have some more of the sticker reflectors, and will probably put some on my helmet, and some other parts of my bike. I also bought a pair of Tireflares, more later on that.

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