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Friday, November 21, 2003


Stopped at a light today, a passenger in the car in the next lane questions out to me "Why do you guys where whistles?" You guys - like we are some cult. But I answered back about "the same reason you have a horn." I don't mind at all talking to car drivers and answering their questions, a good chance to do some educating. I wish some of the drivers who ignorantly honk or yell at me would allow me the opportunity to bend their ear politely, unfortunately they are usually in too much of a hurry for any community-like conversation, gotta get there and nobody on a little bicycle is going to get in my way and slow me down.

Well, I think I am going to develop some little hand-outs, like 1/4 letter-size sheets, for these type purposes. Keep them in a little bag on my bike, I got one from my brother when he gave me the bike. The bag is longish and hangs underneath the main top bar of the frame. Anyway, I want to put my blog address, and a little explanation of bicycle commuting (benefits, etc), and maybe quote the state law code about bikes having the road rights too. It would be great to have when someone is interested in learning more like today, or for when I do catch up to that person who seems ignorant but may just need a kind word or two along their day.

Song of the Day: 100 Years by Five for Fighting

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