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Thursday, November 20, 2003


Commuting Song of the Day: Diamonds on the Inside by Ben Harper

I don't own an mp3 player, or a portable CD, though I do have an old cassette headphones set, but I haven't used it much recently. I used to when working out, or when laying in bed at night when I shared a dorm room for example years ago. But I won't wear it while commuting on my bike cause I couldn't imagine not being able to have all of my hearing available to me when out on the roads with cars and even on the walks with people. One thing I miss from my commutes is the radio, the tunes, the news, etc, but I could argue that the peace and the semblance of outside noises around me makes up for it (of course I often turned the radio off by choice). But you know what, with all the cars around me I can't hear much besides engines and exhaust, except for when I get to City Island and Riverfront Park. So what do I do? I have to entertain myself!

I love to belt out tunes, sometimes at the top of my lungs if in the mood, but I've always had a tune in my head and being on my bike commute it's no different. I get alot of motivation by listening to internet radio during the day when in my office, or from CD's I take in. My favorite station here is WXPN 88.1 FM in Harrisburg (good to have after losing WYEP when I moved from the Pittsburgh area, though you can catch them on-line too now), great singer/songwriters and lots of eclectic artists and a great mix with rock, bluegrass, americana, classic rock and more. You gotta check it out if you haven't (and its public supported to bat, from Pennsylvania University in Philadelphia).

So what do you listen to on your bike if anything, or what do you sing? Think I can make any extra money as a singing bicycle telegram boy? I'll be including a song of the day with my posts from now on if anything stands out, from what was in my head during the ride, and you can learn about Mi Tunes if you don't have the latest i-tunes.

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