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Thursday, November 06, 2003


What a dreadfully full day of rain, but I persevered through. The Summer was all rain, but at the right times, afternoon and evening thunderstorms and showers, never during my commute. But now the Fall and Winter strikes when it will rain at any chance, and for full day sessions, just in time for the cold. Like I said though, I simply put on the rain pants and nylon windbreaker and rode on through. It wasn't even cold yet today, still in the 50's. My only issue right now with the rain is my shoes, they got soaked through. So I also need a pair of over booties/socks to keep my feet dry. I'll work on that this weekend, it is supposed to be dry tomorrow, so nothing to concern myself tonight.

Fresh cilantro and green peppers harvested today for dinner. Sue and I had nachos grande with kidney beans, TVP with soy/liquid smoke, onion, salsa, yellow sharp cheddar, sour cream and lettuce. It was excellent, I was so hungry for that, knowing I should use some of those items from the garden, and the aging sour cream from the fridge.

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