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Thursday, November 13, 2003


Forgetting to rant about long lines of cars last night is understandable considering I was excited about the Tire Flares arriving, but I have to get this in. It can be so frustrating when vehicle traffic is so backed up that it even slows down the bicycle traffic (unless you jump sidewalks or take parking lot shortcuts). I mean, I am trying to be a good road vehicle by staying within traffic where I need to.

For example, coming across the Rt 83 overpass from Lemoyne to New Cumberland, I ride the wide lane to the right and there is enough room to share. But the lane ahead breaks into three (a left turn, a straight in the middle, and a right turn) at a stop-lighted intersection. I need to go straight so I have to get into the middle lane, but this midle lane is often backed up for 1/4 mile or so, and if I move up along it on the right of the wide lane (where the cars can't) I feel bad by trying to merge or squeeze in at that point after having passed them all, instead of getting into the que of traffic a few blocks back. So what can I do, well, I went into the right turn lane, and flew across the perpendicular street into the fast-food restaurant parking lot on the corner, then popped out again back on the projectory I would normally be on by going straight through the light. "No throroughfare" arguments aside, I'll keep doing that and hopefully no car drivers will get P.O.'d, but I am not sitting in traffic on my bike, especially in the upcoming winter. Nuff said.

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