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Wednesday, November 12, 2003


Got my Tire Flares in the mail today, whoopee. After initial inspection, I was a little concerned about thier performance in the house, as the light wasn't easy to activate, but I had yet to install them so we would see. Installation was simple, just threading onto the valve stem and tightening the hex feature, yet I think that the hex-key anti theft device is stripped on one of the lights, is it worth sending them back mail order?, probably not, I think I can live with this little issue, or find a way to better adjust/fix it.

Then I went out on my first test ride and discovered that the little buggers don't exactly light up right off the bat when you move, you need to be going at least 5 mph or so it seems, but wait, was that just the front one, sue says the back one stayed lit more when I had her come take a look. So is it the batteries, or is it the light sensor that detects light for daytime shut off to save battery power? Are the sensors super sensitive and are they picking up street lamp and ambient light? The one last thing is that I can't really go fast enough except at super top speed to make the light show a continous circle of light like they advertised, probably only a car at 40-50 mph would achieve that effect, so will these non-blink lights get more or even as much attention in this case as a blinking set would? Lots of questions to answer, hopefully I come to a conclusion on it all over the next couple days.

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