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Thursday, November 13, 2003


Today was without a doubt the most challenging commute I have had to date. More challenging than the few drenching rains I encountered this year, more so than the high heat and humidity in high summer, and more so than Hurricane Isabel's visit. But who knows, tougher could still be ahead.

The winds today were gusting up to 60 mph, rattling the windows at work and at home, and I wasn't alone as most of the midwest to east coast was experiencing this. Riding north along the river this morning in flat Riverfront park was like climbing a mountain in the Laurel Highlands; I turned off to get away from the waterfront and each street I went down became a wind tunnell funneling more force than the park space. The whitecaps from the "gentle" Susquehanna were bursting with spray aginst the stone pillars of the Market and Walnut St Bridges.

Biking across the bridges was a balancing act. I stopped halfway and got off and walked. Otherwise I was being pushed over towards the traffic lane, and if I would have toppeled, I may have fallen over the barrier into the lane. I felt like a circus performer while on the bike. What a ride! But to top it off, my Tire Flares cued on right when twilight was falling, not complete dark, just as I hoped they would. That's 1 point for!

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