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Tuesday, December 30, 2003


Bikers are the catch-all of the transportation and community worlds. We see and hear. We do good deeds. We reduce traffic congestion. We educate car drivers as to the rules of the road. We support local businesses. We reduce parking problems in town. You get the picture.

Today I acted as honorary sanitation engineer. Combine a gusty winter day (I was in 1st gear much of the way facing the head winds coming down the Susquehanna River Valley), with lots and lots of garbage bags on the pickup after xmas, with lots and lots of wrapping paper, and you have lots of plastic tumbleweeds cruising down bridge st. Of course cars are unlikely to stop as they are in a rush to get that good parking space or to make up for the time they sit in congestion,. And of course, by the time a driver going 35 mph sees such a tumbleweed in the street, it is too late to stop to do anything, and even if you could stop, where would you do so without holding up traffic? I know from experience, I am a driver at times too.

I grabbed one such tumbleweed from along Bridge St today and carried it with me as I rode until I got to a nice big, coved-in pile that I could shelter it in until the pros came along. A big semi driver who had just pulled out behind me and realized what I was doing as I was setting my bike down on the roadside even stopped and waved me over. Thanks guy. If we all work together we make the roads and our communities safer.

Commute Song of the Day: "Dragonfly" by Ziggy Marley

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