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Friday, December 19, 2003


This morning I pulled out my back-up Giant, and transferred my front, rear, and tireflare lights before I got on my way. One other thing I need to do is to transfer a rear reflector from my parts bike to the Giant too. I didn't realize there wasn't one on the bike. Being thankful for another good (meaning dry) weather day, I even got to leave work a little early and bike home while it was still daylight for the most part.

One part that I struggled with is that the Giant is a smaller frame size than my Diamondback (which fits me good), so the pedaling was harder, with my legs/knees being higher up into my center. Also there are only two gear sets instead of three, so I had to deal with that too. Hard to believe that I used the Giant exclusively when I started commuting back in April, because I didn't have the Diamondback at that time. And other than another loose pedal (and I should also note that the whole pedal arm fell off yesterday not just the pedal), I made the trip fine.

I saw one other commuter today, though didn't get a chance to chat. I'd like to learn more about my fellow commuter, maybe even feature them in a profile here. Maybe it will be easier to attempt that when the weather turns in the spring. This fella was geared up right with lights and helmet, but was not very recognizable in his riding patterns. I believe he came along side the red-light waiting cars at the west shore off the Market St bridge, then pushed forward through the red light while it was still red (although getting ready to turn green), then he stayed on the road being squeezed up into Lemoyne by not taking the lane, and then hopped up onto the sidewalk eventually where I ride it. Then he stayed on the sidewalk when entering the business district in Lemoyne where he should have got back on the road, then I lost him. Oh well, no harm no foul in this case, eh?

Commute song of the day: "The Hanukkah Song" by Adam Sandler

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